Award: Yale Younger Poets Prize


The Yale Younger Poets Prize, the oldest annual literary award in the United States, is judged by a renowned poet. The winner receives royalties when the book is published by the Yale University Press.

Eligible books must be authored by an American citizen under 40 years of age who has not published a book of poetry. The author submits a manuscript that is judged by the presiding poet.


  • A change in timing occurred in 1998. In 1997 and prior, the year of publication is used. In 1998 and after, the year of award (1 year before publication) is used. Consequently, My Shining Archipelago won the 1996 Prize, but is now reported to have won the 1997 prize. The reason for this is unclear. We are using the year currently reported by Yale University Press.


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March 2014


Yale Younger Poets Prize winner


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