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Since 1940 the Young Reader’s Choice Award (YRCA), sponsored by the Pacific Northwest Library Association (PNLA), has recognized books that children enjoy reading. The winner is posted on the website.

Eligible books must have been copyrighted in the U.S. or Canada within three years prior to selection, and must be nominated by children, teachers, parents or librarians in the Pacific Northwest (Alaska, Alberta, British Columbia, Idaho, Montana, and Washington). The ballot is determined by number of nominations received. Winner is determined by children in grades 4 through 12 who vote for their favorite book. The winner is posted on the website.


  • Beginning in 2005, three books are chosen: winner, 2nd place, and 3rd place.
  • Current categories are Junior (grades 4-6), Intermediate (grades 7-9), and Senior (grades 10-12).
  • Years 1991-2001 have two categories: Youth (Junior) and Senior.
  • Prior to 1991 there was only one category, which appears in the Junior category. There was no award in 1973

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