Blog: Shortlist for the 2011 Ellis Peters Historical Dagger Award


The Crime Writers’ Association has announced the shortlist of for the 2011 Ellis Peters Historical Dagger Award. These are competitions for crime novels by an author of any nationality, as long as the book was first published in the UK in English between between 16th September, 2010 and 15th September, 2011.

The winner will be announced on November 30 at the Athenaeum in London, and will receive an ornamental dagger.

The finalists for best Historical Crime Novel are:

  • Book:Prince: A John Shakespeare Novel
  • Book:The Red Coffin
  • Book:The Hanging Shed
  • Book:The Somme Stations
  • Book:The Cleansing Flames
  • Book:Island of Bones (Imogen Robertson)


  • Chair, Eileen Roberts: originator and organiser of St Hilda’s annual crime symposium in Oxford, mystery and crime enthusiast.
  • Geoffrey Bailey: bookseller specialising in crime.
  • Barry Forshaw: reviewer, editor of Crime Time magazine, and editor of British Crime Writing: An Encyclopaedia.
  • Sir Bernard Ingham: Press Secretary to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and crime fiction fan.
  • Jake Kerridge: the Telegraph's crime fiction critic.

Source: CWA official website

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