Blog: Winners of the 2012 Festival de Cannes Competition


During the closing ceremony of this 65th Festival de Cannes, the official jury presided over by Nanni Moretti revealed the 2012 prize winners. The winning feature films are:

  • Film:Amour (2012)
  • Film:Reality (2012)
  • Film:The Angels' Share

The Feature Films Jury:

  • Nanni Moretti, director (President of the Jury)
  • Hiam Abbass, actress
  • Andrea Arnold, director
  • Emmanuelle Devos, actress
  • Jean-Paul Gaultier, fashion designer
  • Diane Kruger, actress
  • Ewan McGregor, actor
  • Alexander Payne, director
  • Raoul Peck, director


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