Book: A Far and Deadly Cry

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A Far and Deadly Cry

Author: Teri Holbrook
Publisher: Crimeline

The crime scene showed that a  cunning mind and a passionate hatred lay behind  the killing of Lisa Stillwell. But New Scotland Yard  would not have been called to this remote  Hampshire village if the baby-sitter’s employer hadn’t  been Gale Grayson, a self-exiled American with a  suspicious past. Three years before, Chief Inspector  Daniel Halford had watched helplessly as Gale’s  husband put a gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger  —seconds before Halford could arrest him for  terrorism. Halford has never forgotten the scene or  the pregnant young widow whose life was shattered  —and as he questions her now, he finds past and  present emotions blurring his judgment. Yet piece  by piece he is discovering some unsettling truths  about the life of Lisa Stillwell…and a chilling  picture is forming of a village that is not quite  as sleepy as it seems.

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