Book: A Girl Named Disaster

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A Girl Named Disaster

Author: Nancy Farmer
Publisher: Puffin Books

Nhamo’s mother is dead, and her father is gone. She is a virtual slave in her small African village. Before her twelfth birthday, Nhamo learns that she must marry a cruel man with three other wives—and decides desperately to run away. Alone on the river, in a stolen boat, she is swept into the uncharted heart of a great lake. There, she battles drowning, starvation, and wild animals, and comes to know Africa’s mystical, luminous spirits.

Nancy Farmer’s masterful storytelling makes this a truly spellbinding novel—and readers will be cheering for Nhamo from beginning to end. A gripping adventure, equally a survival story and a spiritual voyage, Nhamo is a stunning creation—while she serves as a fictional ambassador from a foreign culture, she is supremely human. An unforgettable work.

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