Book: A Pack of Lies

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A Pack of Lies

Author: Geraldine McCaughrean
Publisher: Oxford University Press

Ailsa doesn't trust MCC Berkshire, the mysterious man helping out in her mother's antique shop. He tells wonderful stories about all the antiques, and his stories persuade the customers to buy the items he talks about, but everything he says is a pack of lies, isn't it? The story of Ailsa and MCC is interwoven with the stories MCC tells the customers, which range from romances to adventure stories; from crime dramas to pirate stories; from stories set in modern-day Ireland to stories set in ancient China.

To help improve the fortunes of a run-down antiques shop, a mysterious young man waves a tale around each antique he sells. Ideal for exploring and understanding genre, A pack of Lies contains twelve intriguing stories interwoven into an entertaining novel. A collection of stories from genres which include Horror, Adventure, Crime and Mystery.

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