Book: A Visible Darkness

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A Visible Darkness: A Max Freeman Novel

Author: Jonathon King
Publisher: Dutton Books

Max Freeman is seeking refuge from the familiar demons of his former life as a Philadelphia police officer in his secluded shack deep in the Everglades. But his self-imposed isolation is interrupted when he receives a desperate call from his best friend, attorney Billy Manchester. There has been a recent string of suspicious deaths—all elderly women, all from a poor neighborhood, and all with sizable and recently sold-off insurance policies—which the police have been unable, or unwilling, to investigate. Billy suspects something sinister may be at work, and so, to help his friend, Max must reluctantly pry where he’s not wanted and act like the cop he’s trying to forget he was.

To discover an unseen killer, Max will confront not only the dangers of a forgotten Florida cityscape but the unexpected and dark corners of his own past as well.

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