Book: Acts of Murder

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Acts of Murder: A Karl Alberg Mystery with Cassandra Mitchell

Author: Laurali Wright
Publisher: Scribner

Karl Alberg has good reason to remember February 14: it was his wedding day, the day he married his longtime love, Cassandra Mitchell. It was also the day sixteen-year-old Rebecca Granger disappeared. Young Rebecca left home at 8:30 in the morning on the one-hour walk to her part-time job in the town of Sechelt. She never arrived. Is Rebecca just another runaway teenager, angry at her parents’ attempts at discipline? Or is there a more ominous reason for her sudden departure.

Soon, evidence of a cunning killer begins to emerge in and around the beautiful coastal village. Three people are murdered by someone who apparently seeks to rid Sechelt of those who sin, those who betray. With the help of his impressive new sergeant Edwina Henderson, Alberg must find the killer before this self-appointed judge of good and evil can claim another victim, even while Alberg and Cassandra struggle with the implications of an unexpected, even shocking, inheritance that could change their lives in exhilarating ways.

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