Book: American Goliath

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American Goliath

Author: Harvey Jacobs
Publisher: St Martins Pr

In 1868, George Hull heard a sermon proclaiming America to be the land of Genesis, home to the “Giants in the earth.” Scion of a wealthy New York family of cigar makers, Hull set out to prove that sermon right. And thus was born the Cardiff Giant. “Found” on Stubby Newell’s farm in Cardiff, New York, in 1869, Goliath soon created more of a stir than any of P. T. Barnum’s great exhibits—which, of course, piqued the interest of the Great Showman himself, who was never to be outdone when it came to separating suckers from their riches…

The tale of Goliath and his creator is a witty, raucous, and bawdy tale of American life at its finest.

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