Book: Archangel Protocol

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Archangel Protocol

Author: Lyda Morehouse
Publisher: Roc

First the LINK—an interactive, implanted computer—transformed society. Then came the angels—cybernetic manifestations that claimed to be working God’s will. But former cop Deidre McMannus has had her LINK implant removed—for a crime she didn’t commit. And she’s never believed in the angels. But all that will change when a man named Michael appears at her door.


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In Archangel Protocol, Lyda Morehouse creates a not-too-distant future Earth where the lines between technology, politics, and religion are blurring at the edges. Deidre McMannus is an ex-cop who was recently involved in a heinous crime—the assassination of the Pope! Her partner, Daniel Fitzpatrick, pulled the trigger; but as the novel begins, the motivation behind the crime is unclear. Although Deidre had nothing to do with the crime, she loses her job, gets excommunicated, and—most importantly—loses her connection with the LINK, an interactive computer implanted under the skin.

Now employed as a private investigator, Deidre accepts a job working for a mysterious man named Michael. As payment, Deidre gets to be reconnected into the LINK. But the job turns out to be much more hazardous—and enlightening—than Deidre ever expected.

Morehouse’s highly descriptive version of 2075 Earth is almost as interesting as the novel’s plot. A great first novel! (Paul Goat Allen)

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