Book: Ashes and Bones

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Ashes and Bones: An Emma Fielding Mystery

Author: Dana Cameron
Publisher: Avon Books

Just when everything is going beautifully for archaeologist Emma Fielding—a position at a respected university, a beautiful home in New England, and the warm love of a devoted husband—her world starts to crumble. What begins as a series of seemingly innocent gestures—the anonymous delivery of gifts and flowers to Emma’s family and friends—soon progresses to secret, sadistic acts designed to destroy her reputation, her character, and her career.

Someone has instituted a brilliantly insidious campaign of personal terror against Emma Fielding, and she is certain she knows who it is: a cunning and dangerous enemy whom everyone but she believes is dead. But with no proof, no clues, and no allies, Emma will have to fight alone in the dark to rescue a life being rapidly reduced to ashes…if she can survive long enough to do so.

After years of hard work, archaeologist Emma Fielding has a great marriage, a dream job, respect in her field, and a house that is finally being made livable. But she’s also being bedeviled by increasingly bizarre and threatening occurrences, and what started out as a series of harmless pranks is quickly turning dangerous. Whoever is behind these events is spiraling in on Emma, through colleagues, friends, and family, and is becoming more violent each time, targeting those she loves with arson, theft, and, finally, murder.

Some think the events are unrelated, but Emma knows that she’s the target, and even more frighteningly, the perpetrator shows a detailed knowledge of her and her past. Is it the work of a disgruntled student, a thwarted ex–lover, or is it, as Emma fears, the work of Tony Markham, a dangerous and brilliant man who everyone but Emma believes is dead? Estranged from her friends and stalked by escalating violence, Emma must find who is behind this before she comes to the end of her resources, her sanity, or her life.

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