Book: Atlanta Graves

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Atlanta Graves: A Sunny Childs Mystery

Author: Ruth Birmingham
Publisher: Berkley Publishing Group

Meet Sonny Childs—the hard-nosed, sharp-tongued P.I. who is the lead detective at Peachtree Investigations.

In Atlanta Graves, Sunny sets out ot reclaim a stolen painting, she ends up with a dead body, unanswered questions—and a full-fledged killer on her hands.

With Peachtree Investigations facing bankruptcy, Sunny must work fast—not only to catch the murderer, but to save her job.


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In Ruth Birmingham’s Atlanta Graves, private investigator Sunny Childs of Atlanta’s Peachtree Investigations is called upon to reclaim a stolen painting. The thieves want to ransom the artwork back to the insurance company. Instead of the painting, Sunny finds a murdered woman at the exchange site. In her search for the killer and the painting, Sunny must deal with a variety of eccentric shady characters, her meddling mother, and the pressure brought about by the fact that Peachtree Investigations will go bankrupt unless this case is solved quickly.

—Sue Reider

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