Book: Bite Down Little Whisper

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Bite Down Little Whisper

Author: Don Domanski
Publisher: Brick Books

From a master poet, meditative lines running like veins through the dark grace of being alive.

Award–winning poet Don Domanski’s new collection, Bite Down Little Whisper, delves into the interconnectedness of all life with spiritual gravitas and powerful mindfulness. These are poems brimming with mythological and scientific energies, with a multi-dimensionality that opens itself to both complexity and clarity. Domanski shows us seams and fastenings that unite our longings with the earth itself, with the nonhuman vitality that surrounds us. The heart’s need for unity and reverence is present in these poems as a whisper we hear in occasional moments of quietude, when it’s possible to perceive the workings of a larger existence.

Quietude is called returning to life Lao Tze says
even on a Tuesday afternoon in Nova Scotia
even with the hood ornaments of  chocolate irises
gleaming outward from their arterial darkness
with the unborn standing high up in the trees
          like cemetery angels
one finger pointing to heaven     the other to earth
— from “Ars Magica”
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