Book: Blood Junction

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Blood Junction: A Novel

Author: Caroline Carver
Publisher: Warner Books

In 1952, in a dusty, remote region of Australia, an Aboriginal family was executed by men wielding machetes. A half century later, a tall, beautiful young reporter who has made a life for herself abroad returns to Australia—and plunges into a mystery that lies at the heart of a family, a friendship, and a nation. Traveling to the Outback where the massacre occurred, India Kane is here to meet her best friend Lauren, a fellow journalist who has a story she wants India to hear.

Then, almost immediately after her arrival in the small, sun-bleached desert town known as Blood Junction, India is implicated in two murders. A stranger to the dark forces at work in this isolated, alienating world, India begins to play a dangerous game with the law and trusts a cop who is an outcast in his own right.

Now trying to find the answers to the crimes—and how they relate to the terrible bloodletting fifty years earlier—India finds herself the object of a terrifying pursuit. From the vast and barren Outback to the gleaming cityscape of Sydney, India will struggle to survive in this hostile land against unknown enemies. For as she gets closer and closer to the truth, she must confront her own dark past…and a brutal conspiracy that may leave no one alive.

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