Book: Blood Relations

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Blood Relations

Author: Lisa M. Tillman
Publisher: Hilliard & Harris Publishers

Every reporter dreams of breaking the story of the century, but for tabloid television reporter Abigail Gardner becoming that story will be her greatest nightmare. Things start to fall apart when Abby’s normally cold, distant father suffers a stroke, leaving him partially paralyzed and singing show tunes. When her ne’er-do-well big brother Bennett shows up at the hospital with his new girlfriend Emily Boyle, a much-loved but somewhat unstable heiress to an American political dynasty, things get worse.

When Emily ends up dead shortly after their visit and Bennett is accused of the crime, Abby is convinced her brother is no killer. She must use her investigative reporting skills to uncover what really happened to Emily and delve into the lives of her brother’s dead girlfriend and her famous political family—a family repeatedly touched by tragedy with some very well hidden skeletons.

Abby’s instincts propel her deeper and deeper into the Boyles’ hidden past where she discovers that the nation’s most powerful political clan has spent decades concealing a deadly secret, a secret so powerful that it could save Bennett’s life, destroy the Boyles’ legacy and rewrite history.

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