Book: Bluebird Summer

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Bluebird Summer

Author: Deborah Hopkinson, Bethanne Andersen
Publisher: Greenwillow

For Mags and Cody, summer has always meant long golden days with Gramps and Grandma at the farm on the ridge, where the wheat fields stretch to the horizon and bluebirds sing from the old wood fence.

But now Grandma has died and Gramps is selling off his fields one by one, and the bluebirds—no longer at home in Grandma’s abandoned garden of tangled weeds—are gone. How can Mags and Cody bring them back, bring everything back?

This rich picture book, —the collaboration of a master storyteller and an immensely gifted artist—, offers readers of all ages hope, comfort, and the renewal that can come with great patience and love.

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