Book: Bonita Faye

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Bonita Faye

Author: Margaret Moseley
Publisher: Harpercollins (Mm)

And so begins the remarkable story of Bonita Faye, one of the most likable gals you’d ever want to meet. A sassy woman from rural Poteau, Oklahoma, she spends a lifetime looking back on her dramatic liberation from mean, low-down Billy Roy Burnett.

In this funny, touching, and very endearing tale, she tells all—from the night Billy Roy was killed on Cavanal Hill, to the day she leaves Poteau behind and follows her dreams to Paris, France.

By the time you’ve finished hearing it all, Bonita Faye will have won a permanent place in your heart.


Imagine Fried Green Tomatoes as a murder mystery and you’ll have some idea of the clod-kicking charms of this very funny first novel by a former Oklahoma journalist that won her lots of raves and an Edgar nomination when it came out in hardcover. Bonita Faye Burnett’s abusive husband Billy Roy steals her savings to buy a shotgun, and then is found blasted to death. Margaret Moseley says she came up with the idea while in a restaurant with her now ex-husband. Her advice to starting writers? “Get your husband to agree you’re the total owner of your own manuscript. I learned the hard way.”

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