Book: Boots and the Seven Leaguers

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Boots and the Seven Leaguers: A Rock-and-Troll Novel

Author: Jane Yolen
Publisher: Harcourt Children's Books

A teenage troll and his shape-shifter pal sign on as roadies for the best troll band in the land.

Like all trolls, Gog is magic—he just can’t do magic. His friend Pook can do a little magic, but not magic big enough to get tickets for Boots and the Seven Leaguers. The concert is sold out. But with a bit of luck and a magical disguise, the two are able to find work with the band as roadies. Yet no sooner have they begun working when Gog’s little brother vanishes. How will the two teen roadies rescue the kid, elude his kidnappers, and get back in time to see Boots perform?

Now that will require some very BIG magic….


Gog is a teen troll with a problem. Boots and the Seven Leaguers—the best rock-and-troll band in the Kingdom—is coming to jam under Rhymer’s Bridge during the next full moon and Gog is ticketless! But he concocts a plan by putting his slow troll head together with that of his quick-witted friend Pook. With a little glamour magic, Gog and Pook manage to convince Boots and crew that they are experienced roadies. But just as soon as they finish their hefting and hauling, Gog notices that his little brother, Magog, who he was forced to bring along, is missing. And Pook’s sensitive nose confirms their worst suspicions—that Magog has been taken into the depths of the New Forest, an “untrammeled place… where wild magic still rules. Where the laws of eat-or-be-eaten still apply.” To find Magog, Gog will have to outsmart the Weed King, face the horrible Huntsman, and walk into the lair of the Great White Wyrm. But Gog wants to save his little brother even more than he wants to see Boots play! And with a little luck, maybe he’ll still get to do both.

Veteran fantasy author Jane Yolen does not disappoint with her latest whimsical offering for younger teens. The helpful “Traveler’s Guide to the Kingdom” that follows the story provides more information about the Færy folk and their enchanting ways. Charming and straightforward, Boots will serve as a humorous segue into some of Yolen’s more complex fantasies like the Pit Dragons series or the Young Merlin trilogy. (Ages 10 to 13) —Jennifer Hubert

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