Book: Bretta Martyn

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Bretta Martyn

Author: L. Neil Smith
Publisher: Tor Books

Almost a thousand years from now, Arran Islay, son of the ruling family of a small but beautiful planet, saw his parents and siblings murdered by the vicious representative of a vast interstellar empire. He escaped and became a pirate…in the sea of space, and as the notorious “Henry Martyn” he terrorized those who made the mistake of flaunting ill-gotten booty.

Now Arran Islay and his wife have their own children—including Robretta, a young woman who knows her father’s legacy even though he’s settled down to rule the family’s holdings. When they are all summoned to another world to deal with a problem of interstellar importance, Bretta is trapped by a fiendish villain who has lain in wait to hatch a plan that would destroy not only the Islays, but their entire way of life. She is captured and cast among the refuse of the galaxy to die. But the daughter of Henry Martyn isn’t killed so easily.

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