Book: Can You Wave Bye Bye, Baby?

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Can You Wave Bye Bye, Baby?

Author: Elyse Gasco
Publisher: Picador

Can You Wave Bye Bye, Baby? is a powerful, poignant collection of thematically interwoven stories about relationships between parents and children, especially mothers and daughters. Each story explores the complex and often volatile terrain of adoption and birth. Edgy, urban, bold and vibrant, Can You Wave Bye Bye, Baby? marks the emergence of a young writer who understands the human heart and the secret lives of ordinary people.

Elyse Gasco’s debut collection is a novel take on an oft-explored subject: mother-daughter relationships. These eight interrelated stories all examine adoption from several perspectives. In “A Well-Imagined Life,” the narrator is a young woman trying to imagine the woman who gave her up; in “You Have the Body,” she is an adopted woman about to give birth to her own child; and in the title story, the character is about to give up her baby for adoption. The strongest story in the collection, “Mother: Not a True Story,” is written in the third person. Here Gasco crafts a deft, darkly humorous portrait of an adoptive mother who creates a fictional birth mother for her dissatisfied teenaged daughter.

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