Book: Carnal Hours

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Carnal Hours: A Nathan Heller Novel

Author: Max Allan Collins
Publisher: Signet Book

For Chicago detective Nathan Heller, coming to the Bahamas is anything but a vacation. Seems billionaire recluse Sir Harry Oakes wants Nate to get the goods on his new son-in-law, and his pockets are deep enough to get Nate to agree to anything.

No sooner is Nate on the island than Sir Harry is murdered in his bed. With his client—and meal-ticket—suddenly gone up in smoke. Nate’s left without a case. Until Sir Harry’s beautiful daughter convinces him to take on her problem. Her husband has just been accused of murder…

Nate’s a talented guy, however, and still has time to hobnob with exiled royalty, challenge the mob, battle shadowy Nazis, and romance the lovely ladies of this tropical paradise. Tough work.

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