Book: Caroline Minuscule

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Caroline Minuscule

Author: Andrew Taylor
Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press

A medieval script launches a modern treasure hunt lightly dusted with black humor…

William Dougal is a postgraduate student of history with expensive tastes and low moral fibre. He is the sort who is as likely to commit murders as to solve them. Thus it is that when he stumbles on the garotted corpse of his detested tutor, he doesn’t call the police. Instead, he slips away, intent on avoiding a row with his girlfriend. Naturally, his actions don’t go undetected. Enter the suave James Hanbury with the reminder that the dead man was an authority on Caroline Minuscule, a Medieval script that may convey a very modern message. Douglas is pushed into—or rather drives his Morris Mini onto—a slippery slope which leads toward a cache of diamonds—and more murders….

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