Book: Catilina's Riddle

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Catilina's Riddle: A Novel of Ancient Rome

Author: Steven Saylor
Publisher: St. Martin's Minotaur

Using scholarly historical insight and evocative storytelling that brings to life the glories of ancient Rome, Steven Saylor takes the reader from the bloody lines of clashing Roman armies to the backrooms of the Senate floor, where power-hungry politicians wrestle the Fates for control of Rome’s destiny.

With the consular election drawing near, Rome is fiercely divided between the conservative Cicero and the tempestuous Catilina, whose followers are rumored to be plotting a blood-thirsty siege for power if their leader fails to win office.

Gordianus the Finder, retired to his Etruscan farm, is happy to be free of the intrigue and danger of the capital. But when his old friend Cicero enlists the Finder in an elaborate plot to control Catilina, Gordianus is drawn back into a familiar world. Now caught in a cloak-and-dagger political struggle for the fate of the Republic, Gordianus finds himself strangely drawn to the controversial candidate. Is Catilina really a subversive renegade, or are Cicero suspicions part of an even greater conspiracy? When a headless corpse ominously appears on his farm, Gordianus knows he must unlock the secret of Catilina’s Riddle before Rome tears herself apart.


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In the year 63 B.C., Gordianus leaves behind the corruption of Rome and retires to a farm in the Etruscan countryside. His calm pastoral life is disturbed, however, when a newly elected consul asks him to spy on a rabble-rousing senator. Soon, Gordianus finds himself drawn into a violent power struggle on the eve of an election. Matters worsen when a corpse is found on his farm—and Gordianus must confront a deadly mystery that threatens his life.

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