Book: Cinnamon Kiss

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Cinnamon Kiss: An Easy Rawlins Mystery

Author: Walter Mosley
Publisher: Little, Brown

It is the Summer of Love as Cinnamon Kiss opens, and Easy Rawlins is deep in a conversation with his lifelong friend Mouse about robbing an armored car. It’s a cinch, Mouse says. This would be further outside the law than Easy has ever traveled—but his daughter Feather urgently needs a medical treatment that costs far more than Easy can earn or borrow in time.

Then another friend offers a job that just might solve Easy’s problem without the risk of jail time. He has to travel to San Francisco to investigate the disappearance of an eccentric, prominent attorney and his assistant of sorts, the beautiful Cinnamon Cargill. Easy can see there is much more to this story than he is told—Robert Lee, his new employer, is as shadowy and suspect as the man Easy is seeking. And the woman who fronts for Lee is as alluring and dangerous as they come. But Easy’s need overcomes all concerns. Far away from his usual network of contacts and support, he plunges into unfamiliar territory, from the newfound hippie enclaves of San Francisco to a violent and vicious plot that stretches back to the battlefields of Europe.


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It’s the Summer of Love, but anxiety, not libido, is at the forefront of Easy Rawlins’s thoughts. His daughter, Feather, has contracted a rare blood disease; to save her life, Easy must come up with $35,000 lickety-split. Predictably, his Watts pal Mouse has a surefire money-making plan that involves armed robbery. Rejecting that risky option, Easy tries his luck instead with a missing-persons job involving an eccentric lawyer and an alluring woman named Cinnamon Cargill. Indelible atmosphere; memorable characters; realistic suspense.

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