Book: City of Tiny Lights

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City of Tiny Lights

Author: Patrick Neate
Publisher: Riverhead Books

From award-winning novelist Patrick Neate, a literary mystery that introduces a new kind of British detective, Ugandan-Indian Tommy Akhtar, and a side of London that the mystery world has never seen.

A contemporary murder mystery set in the heart of London, this is the story of Tommy Akhtar, hard-drinking veteran of the Mujahideen, devoted on, sometime private investigator and sometime idol to the thug-lites of the ethnic motley of West London. Hired by a bewitching prostitute, he’s to track down the whereabouts of her missing friend, last seen meeting a client in a local dive. But as the search heats up, Tommy’s case takes a turn for the sinister, as he’s drawn into a murder investigation and the dark side of both the establishment and those who plan to overthrow it.

Written with all the energy and vividness that has earned Neate multiple literary awards, City of Tiny Lights is poised to find a wide new audience for its talented, charismatic young author.

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