Book: Clockers (Richard Price)

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Author: Richard Price
Publisher: Harper Paperbacks

Veteran homicide detective Rocco Klein’s passion for the job gave way long ago. His beat is a rough New Jersey neighborhood where the drug murders blur together…until the day Victor Dunham—a twenty-year-old with a steady job and a clean record—confesses to a shooting outside a fast-food joint. It doesn’t take long for Rocco’s attention to turn to Victor’s brother, a street-corner crack dealer named Strike who seems a more likely suspect for the crime.

At once an intense mystery, and a revealing study of two men on opposite sides of an unwinnable war, Clockers is a stunningly well-rendered chronicle of modern life on the streets.

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Based on the riveting bestseller by Richard Price, this 1995 crime drama was directed by Spike Lee with such authority and authenticity that it has the hyper-real quality of a stylized documentary. Fully capturing the thoroughly researched detail of Price’s novel, the film focuses on Strike (newcomer Mekhi Phifer), a young, ambitious “clocker”—or drug dealer—who works the streets of his New York housing project, selling drugs for a local supplier named Rodney (played with ferocious charisma by Delroy Lindo). Just as Strike is struggling to get away from his…

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