Book: Corpus Christmas

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Corpus Christmas: A Mystery

Author: Margaret Maron
Publisher: Mysterious Press

A relic of Manhattan’s Gilded Age, when Edith Wharton and Henry James chronicled its inhabitants, the Erich Bruel House on Gramercy Park contained three floors of glorious art-and one Christmas corpse. While the mansion was being decorated with antique ornaments, and preparations were being made for a lavish holiday party, someone killed the obnoxious art historian Dr. Roger Shambley. Lieutenant Sigrid Harald of the New York Police Department comes up with a long list of suspects, and must sort through all sorts of motives, including academic rivalry, infidelity, art fraud, and good old-fashioned spite. Unless Sigrid can wrap up this homicide before the killer strikes again, her romantic white Christmas is going to be splashed with crimson.


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When a famous art historian is murdered at Breul House, NYPD lieutenant Sigrid Harald must sort through the holiday bustle to unwrap a killer.

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