Book: Counting Back from Nine

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Counting Back from Nine

Author: Valerie Sherrard
Publisher: Fitzhenry & Whiteside

“There are rules for what I’ve done.  Specific punishments for crimes against friendship.” 

Laren Olivier knows the rules, but her attraction to a friend’s ex-boyfriend is strong.  She tells herself that if she and Scott can keep their new romance a secret, no one will get hurt.  But Laren is not the only one with something to hide. Thus begins a year-long journey through secrets, lies, exposures and betrayals.  Somehow, Laren must find a way to reconcile who she is with what she’s done.  And when tragedy strikes, she finds herself struggling with a discovery so shocking it rocks the very foundation of her world. 

A novel in free verse by award-winning author Valerie Sherrard.

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