Book: Crimes of the Scene

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Crimes of the Scene: A Mystery Novel Guide for the International Traveler

Author: Nina King, Robin Winks
Publisher: St Martins Pr

For the traveler, Crimes of the Scene serves as an exceptional reference book, offering lists and reviews of mystery novels that are set in countries around the world. To get the most out of a trip to Paris, try digging into one of the suggested novels featuring Maigret, the city’s most celebrated detective. Or to really soak up the scene in the outback, become engrossed in one of Arthur Upfield’s Bony adventures. What better way is there to enjoy vacation reading and learn about all the stops along the way than to pore over an atmospheric mystery? In addition to featuring important mysteries that take place in particular foreign countries, each of the twenty-one chapters opens with a brief, entertaining essay that describes how an area’s cultural and political climate impacts that area’s crime fiction.


For your next vacation, how about a magical mystery tour? In Crimes of the Scene, Nina King and Robin Winks have crafted the perfect guidebook for globe-trotting mystery aficionados. Visit Paris in the company of Jules Maigret, or explore Moscow with Arkady Renko; fictional detectives often operate in very real cities, and Jerusalem, Istanbul, Calcutta, and Belize are just a few of the settings in which mystery writers have conducted their literary mayhem over the years. King and Winks have included mysteries set in almost every part of the world, with the notable exceptions of the United States and England (both so well represented in the genre that they require guidebooks of their own). Each chapter begins with an essay describing some aspect of that region’s mysteries, followed by an annotated reading list of books that have been chosen both for their literary quality and the evocativeness of their settings.

Wherever possible, the editors have tried to include native authors from each featured region, but not every foreign mystery writer’s work has been translated into English. Still, the world is well represented, from Maj Sjowall and Per Wahloo in Scandanavia to Gopal Baratham in Singapore, plus many places and authors in between. International explorers and armchair travelers alike will find plenty of great suggestions for their next foreign intrigue between the covers of Crimes of the Scene.

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