Book: D.H. Lawrence: The Story of a Marriage

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D.H. Lawrence: The Story of a Marriage

Author: Brenda Maddox
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

Drawing on nearly 2,000 previously unpublished letters, Brenda Maddox presents a rich and startlingly new portrait of D. H. Lawrence: a hilarious mimic, a lover of nature, an inspired teacher, a brilliant journalist, an ecological visionary, and, above all, a married man. This award-winning work examines Lawrence’s perplexing, restless life through the greatest contradiction in it—his marriage-taking it not just as another aspect of Lawrence but as the encompassing whole. His marriage to Frieda von Richthofen Weekley was a mismatch made in heaven, and yet it lasted until the tubercular Lawrence lost his heroic struggle for life, a struggle in which, he told Frieda, “nothing mattered but you.” Or so she claimed.

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