Book: Dead in the Water

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Dead in the Water

Author: Nancy Holder
Publisher: Dell Publishing Company

At a sun-washed dock in Long Beach, California, the freighter Morris takes on a new contingent of passengers. Among the vacationers are a disgruntled wealthy couple, a father and his cancer-stricken child, a woman searching for her long-lost husband, and a female cop with bitter memories of the boy who drowned before her eyes.

But unbeknown to the passengers, the Morris is heading into a supernatural storm of swirling fog and howling winds, and they are destined to be shipwrecked on a sea of their own terrors.

In waves of love and blood they will drown, one at a time, in bubbling agony. And for company they will have those who have drowned before them—those sunken dead who also received a message in a bottle from a legendary sailor of the seas of fate…

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