Book: Detecting Women 2

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Detecting Women 2: Reader's Guide and Checklist for Mystery Series Written by Women

Author: Willetta L. Heising
Publisher: Partners Pub Group Inc

A reader’s guide and checklist for Mystery Series written by women.More than 600 series detectives created by women over 3400 mystery titles in correct series order titles indexed by mystery type and series setting more than 500 new titles released in 1994 and 1995.


Willetta L. Heising’s follow-up volume to her popular Detecting Women is an invaluable tool for serious mystery readers. No other resource provides as much contemporary information about detective fiction written by women: over 600 series characters, over 3,400 titles (in series order), and seven different indexes to sift through all of the information. The first 200 pages of the book are devoted to alphabetical author listings. Each author’s name is followed by a brief biography and capsule description of her series. The series book list follows the short blurb. The lists include the main detective character’s name and then each book title in the series along with dates of publication. Two check boxes in front of each numbered entry allow the user to check off for ownership and reading of the title in question; books nominated or receiving awards are followed by a star. Detecting Women 2 also has several valuable search tools in the final third of the book. For example, you can look up your preferred mystery setting and find all the series that take place in that city/country. The “Mystery Chronology” offers a decade by decade tracing of dates of publication and includes an indication of the first mysteries in each series. A list of pseudonyms will help readers track down all mysteries by their most beloved authors. Finally, in addition to the standard mystery book glossary and list of awards, Heising has assembled a grid that diagrams the short story anthology appearances of 188 of her authors. While the word “essential” is overused in describing reference books, this book (with its companions Detecting Men and the pocket guides Detecting Women, 3rd edition, and Detecting Men) truly is essential for committed readers; it is a guide to a lifetime of reading and a fitting homage to the expanding contribution of female writers to crime fiction. —Patrick O’Kelley

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