Book: Dirty Money (Steven Womack)

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Dirty Money

Author: Steven Womack
Publisher: Ballantine Books

The root of all evil…

How did Nashville P.I. Harry James Denton wind up working as a handyman in a world-famous brothel in Reno? Because the Feds made him a proposition: help smoke out a major money laundering operation secretly being run in Reno’s legendary legal cathouse, the Mustang Ranch.

After failing to reconcile with his ex, who is expecting their child, doing some simple snooping in a mansion full of gorgeous girls sounds like a good deal to Harry. But it’s a raw deal when one of the Mustang girls turns up savagely murdered and Harry is pegged as the prime suspect. The only way to save his neck is to risk it—and that means making a Nevada-size gamble that he can corner a killer who is holding all the aces….

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