Book: Don't Say a Word

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Don't Say a Word

Author: Andrew Klavan
Publisher: Forge Books

Life is not exactly good for psychiatrist Nathan Conrad. He has his practice, but it doesn’t pay for the Mercedes he feels he deserves. He does, however, care. So when he is asked to take a case his instincts scream to reject, he takes it. It could be interesting, even if the patient is a killer.

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Don't Say a Word

Gary Fleder

Adapted from Andrew Klavan’s bestselling suspense novel, Don’t Say a Word is a suitable companion to director Gary Fleder’s earlier hit Kiss the Girls, with solid performances serving a plot that begins promisingly. The tension starts when the daughter of a topnotch New York psychiatrist (Michael Douglas) is kidnapped by a bitter ex-con (Sean Bean) with an old score to settle. Aided by an unwitting colleague (Oliver Platt), Douglas can save his daughter by extracting crucial information from a traumatized patient (Brittany Murphy), while his…

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