Book: Don't Tell Anyone

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Don't Tell Anyone

Author: Peg Kehret
Publisher: Dutton Books

Megan makes daily visits to a vacant field to feed a group of feral cats. Then she learns that an apartment complex will be built there soon. Can Megan rescue the cats before the bulldozer levels their home?

Megan’s efforts to save the cats lead her into danger when she inadvertently thwarts the plans of an ex-convict who had depended on the money from the construction job to cover up his criminal dealings. He kidnaps Megan and takes her with him on a perilous nighttime flight in a stolen hot-air balloon. When the balloon lands in the wilderness, Megan has only her wits to help her escape.

Page-turning suspense, surprising plot twists, a warm-hearted animal rescue, and a plucky heroine who must outsmart the bad guy all play a part in Peg Kehret’s latest adventure.

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