Book: Eclipse of the Sun

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Eclipse of the Sun

Author: Phil Whitaker
Publisher: Weidenfeld & Nicolson

A wryly amusing story of one man’s frenzied attempts to win over the woman of his dreams, despite his wife’s best efforts to keep him. Rajesh Despande, science teacher in the small Indian town of Nandrapur, is thrown into a frenzy of fantasy by the arrival of a beautiful young English teacher at his school. Modern, articulate, educated in Britain, she is the woman of his dreams. If only he can find a way to make her feel the same…India is just weeks away from a solar eclipse, and Rajesh feels this is the perfect event to help him capture the heart of the beguiling young English teacher. But it is not long before his wife realises his adulterous intentions and is forced into a desperate attempt to save her marriage. But it is an encounter with a mysterious female teacher in a bookshop that sets in train a series of events which will change the marriage forever.

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