Book: Everland and Other Stories

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Everland and Other Stories

Author: Paul Witcover
Publisher: PS Publishing

In the quarter century since the publication of his first short story, “Red Shift,” Paul Witcover has slowly but steadily produced an impressive body of short fiction alongside his critically acclaimed novels, Waking Beauty, Tumbling After, and Dracula: Asylum. Fusing elements of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and fairy tales, Witcover’s work inhabits the borderlands of genre. Everland collects twelve of his best stories, seven previously published, including the Nebula Award finalist “Left of the Dial,” and five appearing here for the first time, including the title story, which does not so much reimagine as reinvent J. M. Barrie’s classic tale of a boy who never grew up.

Ranging from present day New York to Central America, from Revolutionary France to a near-future United States convulsed by civil war, the twelve stories in Everland are both topical and timeless, showcasing Witcover’s affinity for the strange that lurks within—or alongside—the familiar.

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