Book: Fade To Blonde

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Fade To Blonde

Author: Max Phillips
Publisher: Hard Case Crime

He promised to save her from a vengeful mobster—he just didn’t know he’d have to join the Mob to do it!

Ray Corson came to Hollywood to be a screenwriter, not hired muscle. But when a beautiful girl with a purse full of cash asks for help, how can you say no?

Rebecca LaFontaine came to Hollywood to be an actress, not a stag movie starlet—or a murder victim. To protect her, Corson signs on with dope king Lenny Scarpa. But Scarpa, he finds, is hiding dark secrets.

And Rebecca’s hiding the darkest secret of all…


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She wore a pale blue dress with cream piping, a dark blue belt, and a silly little schoolgirlish collar. She had nice straight shoulders. There was nothing wrong between them and her open-toed shoes, so I guess the trouble must have been somewhere behind those blue-gray eyes. They’d be trouble, of course. She looked up and called, “Is your name, Corson?”

From the first paragraph, Max Phillips’s pitch-pure ear sets the tone; we have entered a back-alley world where men are tough and women are easy; where dirty secrets clog the citadels of power. With its staccato dialogue and its strip-club fusion of sex and vengeance, Fade to Blonde ironically recalls a more innocent age.

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