Book: Firestar Saga series

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Firestar Saga series

Author: Michael Flynn
Publisher: Tor Science Fiction

Firestar is a chronicle of private enterprise and individual initiative, the story of one woman's quest that becomes the focus for a whole new world of the future. This is a saga of hard-won optimism, about a technological future where things are better for everyone.

Series Titles


Firestar: Book 1 of Firestar Saga

Michael Flynn

It is the dawn of the twenty-first century, and America is in trouble. Our public schools breed apathy and ignorance. Politics has become the art of the quick fix. But one woman has the vision and money to leverage change. Mariesa Gorley van Huyten, heiress to one of the great American fortunes, founds an educational subsidiary—Mentor Academies—and begins to subcontract public school systems in order to raise a new, less cynical generation. But her clandestine program is much larger, including the founding of a private space program, the eventual construction of an orbital power station, and supporting technological innovation on Earth.

Firestar is a chronicle of private enterprise and individual initiative—the story of one woman’s quest that becomes the focus for a whole new world of the future. Her program lets teachers strive to teach, hires astronauts who have no government space program to fly for, and provides productive outlets for the idealistic desires of the rich and powerful—at least those who remain sane enough to have such desires in the face of a crumbling America. And it just might work.

Book:Rogue Star

Rogue Star: Book 2 of Firestar Saga

Michael Flynn

It is the early twenty-first century. There’s a space station being built, and the first manned flight to the asteroids is in progress. The grand plan of Mariesa Van Huyten to give humanity a big push back into space, and in the process save the human race from terrible disaster, continues. And there are enemies who will kill to stop it.


Lodestar: Book 3 of Firestar Saga

Michael Flynn

In the early years of the twenty-first century, humanity has progressed into space, having established a permanent presence with LEO (Low Earth Orbit) Station. Science and commerce in space are booming and humanity’s future looks bright. But one man’s desire for vindication and revenge could end it all.

Lodestar chronicles the complex conflicts-political, personal, and scientific-on Earth and in orbit, that must be resolved if humanity is to claim its destiny among the stars.

Book:Falling Stars

Falling Stars: Book 4 of Firestar Saga

Michael Flynn

Michael Flynn’s epic of the near future, begun in Firestar and advanced in Rogue Star and Lodestar, climaxes with Falling Stars. In the early years of the 21st century humanity has advanced into space, but has discovered that certain asteroids have changed their orbits and are headed for horrifying impact with Earth. But there is a world financial crash, and politics get in the way of progress, requiring the cast of characters introduced in the earlier books to pull together and save humanity from disaster. With great difficulty, serious preparations begin to reach the asteroids and destroy or divert them, and culminate in a long, exciting voyage out to the asteroid first visited in Rogue Star, where an alien control room was discovered. Filled with ideas, scientific and technological wonders, and compelling familiar characters—Roberta, Chase, Jimmy Poole, Jacinta, and the rest— Falling Stars is a strong conclusion to this multi-volume epic of SF.

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