Book: Fix-it Duck

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Fix-it Duck

Author: Jez Alborough
Publisher: Picture Lions

Plop! goes the drip that drops from the cup. Duck looks down and Duck looks up. 'A leak in the roof, oh! What bad luck. This is a job for FIX-IT DUCK.' So begins the hilarious new adventure of Duck and his friends Sheep, Goat and Frog. Duck decides that not only can he fix his own leaking roof, but that Sheep with his broken window would also benefit from his DIY expertise... Of course, by the time Duck has lent a hand, his hapless friends are left requiring even more repair work than they did in the first place! And what caused Duck's leaking roof? Could it be that he forgot to turn his bath tap off?!? Age 3-7


Jez Alborough has a talent for telling a tall tale or two; in Fix-it Duck he surpasses himself. Enter one rather ridiculous - and, frankly, not very bright - duck on a mission to fix a leaky roof. What follows is a gloriously farcical farmyard adventure that will have tots and adults giggling merrily.

Fabulously bright, detailed illustrations capture the mood of the humourous text beautifully, making this divinely comic picture book for the very young an absolute must-read for everyone who has ever tried their hand at a little DIY. (Ages 2 and over.) --Susan Harrison

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