Book: Fog Heart

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Fog Heart

Author: Thomas Tessier
Publisher: St Martins Pr

Oliver is a hard-nosed businessman: the supernatural cuts no ice with him. But when his wife Carrie starts seeing the ghost of her long-dead father, he reluctantly agrees to take her to see a medium in Connecticut.

Charley doesn’t believe in psychic mumbo-jumbo either, until his wife Jan gets messages from their dead daughter, and a friend who couldn’t possibly know him passes along an enigmatic message about their child from the same medium.

The two couples, both skeptical but desperate, are drawn together by the medium Oona, a beautiful, fragile young woman who knows things that no other living person should know. But Oona is the greatest mystery of all: Is her gift real, or is it the sign of a consuming, destructive madness? Can she somehow lead them to important truths beyond life, or will they all be trapped in a tightening web of terror and death?


“His body flew into hers, his face into hers, a glimpse of an unbearably elongated eye rushing directly into hers. It felt as if she had been hit by a wave of frigid moisture, so shocking to her system that it nearly knocked her out, and at the same moment she could hear him shriek in agony—from within her body, the awful noise filling her, seeming to swell her brain and resound in the chambers of her heart, devastating her with shared pain.”

A woman is horrified by visits from her dead father. Her cold psychopath of a husband thinks she’s being ridiculous. Another husband and wife are getting messages from their long-lost daughter who died as an infant. The two couples consult a medium named Oona—a serious, moody teenager with Pre-Raphaelite hair. Sensing that their fates are intertwined, Oona introduces them and insists on conducting their séances together. Fog Heart is a dark, disturbing ghost story, one in which the living characters’ inner torments and relationships with each other are more crucial than the supernatural events. The pacing is a little uneven, but Thomas Tessier—called “horror fiction’s best kept secret” by the Washington Post—more than makes up for it with literary craftsmanship. The characters are richly evoked, the dialogue smooth and convincing, and the descriptions elegant, even musical.

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