Book: For Mike

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For Mike

Author: Shelley Sykes
Publisher: Delacorte Books for Young Readers

Missing: Mike Thayer, 17

When Jeff’s best friend Mike disappears in the fall of their senior year, Jeff starts to doubt everything he’s ever known about their small town, and the familiar people in it. What happened to Mike? Jeff has got to find him. Then Jeff starts to have vivid dreams where he hears Mike say, “Come get me.” Their friend Kirby is in the dreams, too, but Jeff’s afraid to tell him. For with every dream, Jeff feels the power of his bond to Mike, and he also sees that Mike may have had another life, one that Jeff knew nothing about.


Jeff is devastated when his best friend, Mike, disappears. Did he die? Did he run away? Was he kidnapped? So far, even the police haven’t turned up any clues. Then Jeff begins to have eerie, vivid dreams in which Mike says, “Come get me.” Should Jeff believe his dreams? Distraught over the loss of his friend, confused by the force of the dreams, Jeff enlists the help of his friend Berry. Together the two begin to chase after Mike, following the clues he leaves in Jeff’s dreams. Shelley Sykes has crafted a deeply satisfying mystery, filled with intriguing plot twists and believable, interesting characters. Named an Honor Book in the 14th Annual Delacorte Press Prize, For Mike will keep teens of all ages in suspense, devouring page after page until the mystery of Mike’s disappearance is solved.

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