Book: For the Love of Mike

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For the Love of Mike: A Molly Murphy Mystery

Author: Rhys Bowen
Publisher: St. Martin's Minotaur

Molly Murphy is starting to think the cards are stacked against her. She’s determined to be a private detective, but hampering her investigations is the fact that she’s finding many places in turn-of-the-century New York City where women are not welcome, something that’s as frustrating to her fiery Irish pride as it is to her rapidly emptying pocketbook.

Then two business opportunities pop up simultaneously. An aristocratic family in Dublin fears their daughter has fled to the New World with her unsavory boyfriend, and they hire Molly to track the two down and send the young woman back home. Before she has time to consider her good luck, she’s asked to go undercover as a piece worker in the garment business and investigate a potential case of industrial espionage. Now if she can only solve both cases without the help of Daniel Sullivan, the police captain who claims he loves her but who is engaged to someone else…

Full of the rich detail of New York’s teeming immigrant community and the colorful historical personalities of the age, For the Love of Mike is the triumphant third installment in Rhys Bowen’s Agatha Award-winning series.


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Rhys Bowen, who is also the author of the popular Constable Evans mystery series, continues her Agatha Award–winning historical mystery series set in turn-of-the-century New York City.

Since the death of her mentor, J. P. Riley, Irish immigrant turned private eye Molly Murphy is finding it hard to make a living as an investigator. Divorce cases are definitely not her cup of tea…and they all too often lead her to places where it’s not easy for a respectable young woman to blend into the scenery. Still, she finds the challenges of investigation more to her taste than the other options open to women in her position: working in sweatshops or the fish market or undertaking an even less savory life on the streets.

Just as things are at their bleakest, two new commissions come her way. First she’s hired to discover who is stealing a fashion designer’s drawings and selling them to the competition—a job that takes her undercover, enduring bitter conditions as a seamstress in a sweatshop. Then she’s asked to find a missing Anglo-Irish heiress who ran off to America with a handsome Irishman—a task she accepts with relish. These two captivating mysteries are enriched by vivid descriptions of a time gone by—from gangs on the streets to spies in the fashion industry, from freethinkers in Greenwich Village to struggling immigrants, crooked politicians, ardent union organizers, and anarchists. —Sue Stone

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