Book: Four Ways to Forgiveness

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Four Ways to Forgiveness

Author: Ursula K. Le Guin
Publisher: Harper Prism

Two planets, Werel, a slave-owning oligarchy, and Yeowe, its colony, are destined for revolution after contact with the sophisticated space-going civilization of the Ekumen. But one form of oppression and slavery can all too easily give way to another; and so a new, implacable fight for equality is born.

In these four linked novellas, freedom—for women, for slaves, for human beings—takes many forms. It can be learning or love, compassion or courage, created with a touch or killed with a blow.


Ursula K. Le Guin revisits her popular Hainish universe with four interconnected stories that together weave a tapestry of revolution and political turmoil. Le Guin tells the tale of two worlds where decades of slavery and class distinction are about to come to an end. She begins at the end with the story of a woman who survived the perilous times and now must face what comes after. Then in turn come tales of a naive envoy, an aloof observer forced to choose sides, and a young slave who wins freedom, only to confront the bonds of her own mind.

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