Book: Frozen Blood

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Frozen Blood

Author: Joel A. Sutherland
Publisher: Lachesis Publishing

As Tara Stewart drives through the dark, winter night, from Charlotte to Ottawa, she’s haunted by ghosts from her past.

Summoned to her abusive father’s funeral, she hasn’t been home, or spoken to her family, in years. The last place she wants to be is in the company of her vindictive twin sister, Evelyn, and her brother-in-law, Peter.

The hail begins to fall.

Thanks to treacherous road conditions, she barely makes it to her destination. Upon arriving, she falls on the icy driveway, slamming her knee into concrete and compact snow. Evelyn and Peter pull her inside, just as she is losing consciousness.

Outside, the hailstorm still rages. Reports on the news suggest it’s a worldwide phenomenon. Globally, resulting damage and death is reaching catastrophic levels.

Now a prisoner in her father’s old mansion, stuck with her estranged twin and brother-in-law, Tara must try to survive the worst storm in modern history.

She soon discovers the storm is not her only enemy. Her family—and the house itself—seem intent on her destruction.

Can she survive the undying hailstorm, and whispered threats from her ghosts, who swear the end is near?

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