Book: Full Mortality

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Full Mortality: A Nikki Latrelle Racing Mystery

Author: Sasscer Hill
Publisher: Wildside Press

Jockey Nikki Latrelle gets the chance of a lifetime—to ride the favorite in a stakes race—only to have her dream destroyed when a mysterious intruder kills her mount the night before the race. Evil people are working at Maryland’s Laurel Park race track, and when Nikki stumbles over the body of a gunshot victim, she quickly becomes the prime suspect in a murder case. Framed and facing a possible murder rap, Nikki is ruled-off the track.

Even deprived of job and income, she cannot abandon a mistreated, ill-tempered racehorse doomed to the slaughter house. Nikki and the filly wind up at a seedy stable with a motley group of felons, drunks, and drug-addicts. With unexpected help from a fashion-conscious wholesale meat-seller, a recovering addict, and an ancient groom, Nicky follows a crooked trail of insurance scam and betting fraud. But with the odds against her, can she clear her name—and put the real criminals behind bars?

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