Book: Graven Images

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Graven Images

Author: Paul Fleischman
Publisher: HarperTrophy

In “The Binnacle Boy,” a ship returns to port with its entire crew inexplicably dead. The only witness to the tragedy is the ship’s life-sized carving of a sailor boy. Can a wooden statue unmask the killer? In “St. Crispin’s Follower,” set in Charleston, a weather vane defies the wind: when all others point east, this one, fashioned in the likeness of Saint Crispin, faces west. What will become of the love-struck lad who looks to it for guidance? In “The Man of Influence,” Zorelli, a sculptor who immortalizes the great in monuments of stone, is hired by a ghostly figure to create a statue in its likeness. What terrifying secrets will be revealed?

These stories feature Paul Fleischman’s trademark evocative prose and each one ends with a startling surprise.

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