Book: Graveyard People

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Graveyard People: The Collected Cedar Hill Stories

Author: Gary A. Braunbeck
Publisher: Earthling Pubns

Welcome to Cedar Hill, Ohio, a deceptively commonplace bordertown between the familiar everyday and the phantasms, fancies, hauntings, and enchantments that wait in dimly-lit places for a chance to pass through the scrim of perception & make this place their home, as well. Those who live here don’t really have any choice and neither will you. Cedar Hill: “Main Street” tinged with the macabre, located just this side of night. This is the first of approximately 3-5 volumes to be published by Earthling collecting the author’s stories set in his fictional town of Cedar Hill. Each collection will feature original stories as well as reprints that have been reworked for this collection, plus historical elements such as family trees and a town map. Deena Holland provides cover art and over two dozen interior illustrations. For those buyers who desire a complete set of matching numbers/letters, we will record the name of each buyer, who will be given first dibs at future volumes.

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