Book: Green Boy

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Green Boy

Author: Susan Cooper
Publisher: Puffin Books

Trey and his troubled but sensitive brother Lou live in the Bahamas and have grown up in the home of their grandparents, exploring around Long Pond Cay. Their way of life is threatened when ruthless developers see the financial possibilities of the area. Then they accidentally enter a parallel world called Panagaia, a horrifying vision of the future where greed, overpopulation and technology have shut out the stars and choked everything green. Carried between the two worlds in a zigzag adventure of mounting tension and danger, the children risk their lives not only to save the alien world but also to ward off the threat to Long Pond Cay.

Long Pond Cay, in the Bahamas, is a magical white-sand island. Twelve-year-old Trey and seven-year-old Lou love to visit its loneliness. But one day the magic becomes nightmare, and suddenly they are in another world, strident, polluted and overcrowded - where little Lou is hailed not as a mute Bahamian boy but as the mythic hero Lugh, born to bring terrible destruction and renewal. Carried between worlds, the children risk their lives not only to save the alien world, but to ward off a new parallel threat to their beloved Long Pond Cay. The forces of myth and nature explode together in an amazing climax.


In her 11th affecting fantasy novel for young adults, Newbery Medal-winning author Susan Cooper (The Dark Is Rising sequence) writes again of the clash between good and evil. Bahamians Trey, age 12, and his mute brother Lou, 7, find themselves tugged between two parallel worlds: their own happy island life, threatened by big-business developers, and a murky, sinister otherworld called Pangaia, entered accidentally through a magical window between worlds.

In a series of journeys between the two realms, Lou is saluted by underground rebels as their mythic savior Lugh, and the siblings are asked to lead the Greenwar against the Government ("the destroyers"). Along the way, Trey and Lou encounter hideous mutant insects, murderous floods in tunnels, helicopter attacks, and capture by the pro-progress, high-tech Government.

Although the plot is occasionally convoluted, Susan Cooper fans will be drawn deep into the story, with its zealous Luddite-styled green guerrillas and the equally ardent progress extremists. Lou and Trey are enormously likeable, and the tropical island setting is beautifully portrayed. Ultimately, nature, myth, and destiny crash together in a breathtaking climax that will leave readers of all ages contemplating the direction our own world is taking. (Ages 9 to 13) - Emilie Coulter

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